Photo: Helen Sau.

Estonian Folks performed Dance Around The World festival in London.


Dance Around The World is a community festival which celebrates traditional dance cultures from all over the world.

In two exciting and energetic days of dance, performers and teachers provide a non-stop programme of extraordinary variety from 10.00am to 11.00pm each day of the festival!

 For Estonians was this year already 7th time to participate.

Every country has a 20min program slot on main stage to introduce them and present their national dances. 

Estonians performed old traditional dances as well as new folk dances from recent XX Great Dance Festival, in Estonia.


Dance “Pliks ja Plaks”, author Helena-Mariana Reimann. From XX Great Dance Festival repertoire. Photo: Helen Sau.




Dance “Kirisabalind”, author Kalev Järvela. From XX Great Dance Festival repertoire. Photo: Helen Sau.




Dance “Oigem ja Vasemba”. Photo: Helen Sau.




Dance “Tuljak” by Anna Raudkats. Photo: Helen Sau.




Maoris from New-Zealand. Photo: festivals private collection.




Egiptian dancers. Photo: EF dancers private collection.




Both days ended with social dance night where live band played latin music. Photo: EF dancers private collection.




Organiser Anne Leach later wrote:

"Thank you so much for The Estonian Folk Dancers’ wonderful contribution to Dance Around Dance Around The World 2019. Yet again this year, we were astonished by the outstandingly high quality of all the performance at the event. As I’m sure you were aware, the audience was delighted by your beautiful, engaging and warm performance. The dancers’ light and energised style was captivating and we were thrilled to see the next generation taking part with such aplomb." Anne Leach On behalf of the organisers Dance Around The World CIC


Dance Around The World


Text: Marje Remmet