International Dance Day celebration with fairytale like fashion pictures.



As a tradition Estonian Folks celebrated international dance day in London by organising fun experience for London folk dancers.

This year dancers got chance to try modelling with exhibition pieces from "Estonian Folks Costumes in London". 


 Helme costume.

For the practical side - those pictures will be on informational materials of the exhibition "Estonian Folks Costumes in London".

Exhibition authors and executioners are Marje Remmet (Estonian Folks International) ja Evelin Siilak (London Estonian Society), who were inspired by the memoirs of Aili Eistrat - long time folk dance instructor in London. 

Read about the exhibition from here.


Exhibition will be seen at Estonian National Museum in August and Estonian House in London in September.  


Setu costume.

Event was organised and theme stylized by Marje Remmet, present folk dance teacher in London. Marje who is already known for creating fun unusual setups for her dancers. This kind of situations create variety for dancers keeping the team spirit lively and fun.

Photographer was Helen Sau, who has amazing sense and charm. She melt the folk dancers inexperienced in modelling and create the fairytale like moments captured in pictures. Later Marje gave them light touch with Photoshop and helped shape the pictures to final pieces.

Make up and hair were done by Kristel Mairit Kruusmägi.


Audru costume.

    Pärnu-Jaagupi costume.


Ofcourse International dance day had to be celebrated with dance too. Estonian folk dance Pärliine was recorded for ERRS contest.


International Dance Day is annual event on 29 april.


This amazing fotoshoot became possible by the poject "Estonian Folks Costumes in London" sponsor Rahvusarhiiv